What we do/clothes alterations

Clothes Alterations


Coat hem £35-£45
Jacket sleeves, plain £25-£35
Jacket sleeves details/buttonhole £40-50
Jacket sleeves, from shoulder £75, leather £90
Take in, let out £35-£45
Narrow shoulders women’s jackets £40-£50

Narrow shoulders men’s jackets/coats from £90
Replace lining £120
Long coats replace lining from £150


Jumpsuits shortened £25 

Zips replaced £25, evening dresses £35

Shorten day dresses from £25-£35
Take up shoulders £25-£35( sleeves moved)
Taper sides/ back seam day dresses from £25,
long dresses £35
Shorten evening dress from £40 , long lined £50
Taper evening/silk dresses £40-£60

Take up straps/shoulders gowns from £25


Lengthen all possible with false hem £20
Shorten, lengthen hem plain £15
Shorten, lengthen trousers with tape £20, Hem turn-up £20
Take in, let out £25
New zip £25 
Taper legs £20 , with shortening crotch £30
Drop waistline £25 
Taper waist jeans £35, leather trousers £40
Jeans shortening with original hem £30 (we have a special method to retain the original hem)


Shorten, lengthen hem from £25
Shorten hem pleated from £45
Let out, take in from £25
Replace lining £60
New zip £25 


Shorten sleeves with cuffs £25-£35
Shorten, lengthen plain sleeves £18
Shorten sleeves from armhole £25-£35
Take in sides from £20-£35
Narrow shoulders £30-£35
Shorten hem £20
Re-stitch buttons £4


Curtains: Shorten plain from £25, lined from £35

Cushion covers: plain £30, with pipping £40

These prices are exclusive of VAT.


we offer wedding dress alterations, for an estimate please e-mail us at info@carmenstailoring.co.uk


For same day alterations please call us


Made to Measure

  Our garments are all handmade to a very high quality but also reasonably priced. We have a small studio so we can concentrate on making beautiful clothes to fit your shape and style.
  After the initial consultation discussing the pattern and materials, measurements are taken and a price will be agreed for your unique garment.
  A toile is made of inexpensive fabric to test if the style and shape fits you best and, if necessary, changes in pattern can be made before cutting the real fabric. Once the toile is perfect we will start to make your outfit. It may take several fittings before everything is perfect.

  • Prices start from:

    Day dresses.......£250, lined £300

    Wedding Dresses..............£750

    Evening dresses......£400




    The made to measure service will take four to six weeks but we may improve upon this if required.



    Bespoke Tailoring

    We offer a bespoke design service which means you can choose any design, fabric and trimmings that you like.


    Clothes Copying

    If your all-time favourites are worn out or no longer available in the shops, we can cut a pattern from your original clothing, source the fabric or you can buy it yourself and re-make your favorite over and over again.


    Replace that old lining with a new top quality one and give a new lease of life to your garment.



    Bring your projects to us even if you don't have a pattern or no idea where to start.



    We offer clothing alterations with next day turn around, email me at info@carmenstailoring.co.uk with your requirements